Escorts Vs. Prostitutes: What’S The Difference?

It is a secret that most people tend to assume that a prostitute and an escort are one and the same people. Though this may be a correct hypothesis to some extent, there exists differences which separate them. To properly understand these two personalities, first we need a clear definition of what they are.

Definition of a prostitute

A prostitute can be termed as a person who can be approached for the sole purpose of having sex with another. Services offered by a prostitute include penetration, copulation and intercourse for the aim of getting financial benefits. Generally, the act of prostitution is illegal worldwide and prostitutes themselves are oppressed by those patronizing their services (known as pimps) in favor of getting protection

Definition of an escort

He/she is a person whose work is to just accompany people to different places. The companionship is at a price based on the services intended to be offered, which are supposed to be non-sexual in nature. They need to be beautiful and handsome for them to qualify for the job.

Differences between escorts and prostitutes

Prostitutes are looked for to fulfill other people’s sexual desires, while escorts are beautiful and handsome people who are looked for just entertainment purposes.

Escorts in London are being paid for their beautiful and handsome looks when they accompany others to numerous destinations, while prostitutes are get paid just to deliver sex services and do not escort people to various destinations.

The work of a prostitute is to perform sexual acts for money, of which is illegal, while the job of an escort is to accompany people but not for sexual intentions though it sometimes happens but it is legal.

Any person in search for a prostitute in London is limited in terms of choice making, but as for people who are looking for escorts services in London have an option of choosing an escort who pleases them.

People who are looking for escorts services can go forward and book them at escort agencies, while those looking for prostitutes must visit brothels and streets in search for them.

Most prostitutes are approached during night times, while escorts in London can be approached at any given time of the day or night.

In general, escorts are classy people who are paid more, while prostitutes are not considered to be classy.

Prostitutes have no fixed price for their services nor insurance for their job, while escorts have defined prices and are usually insured in case of a calamity happening.